“I don’t search, I find”


“There is no new art. There are new artists. The new artist must be completely faithful to him or herself, must be a creator, must be capable of building his or her own foundations directly and alone, without depending on the past or tradition… the formula is his or her antithisis”

Egon Schiele

“Without art life would be a mistake”
Friederich Nietzsche

“I close my eyes in order to see”

Paul Gauguin

“The work of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”

Francis Bacon

“What proceeds from an internal necessity of the soul is beautiful”

Wassily Kandinsky


“The memory in your pocket” Workshop with Luca Vitone

Memory is a term that the visual arts, in recent decades, have turned into aesthetic category producing projects and artworks in public and private spaces. These projects and artworks investigated different themes such as identity, tradition, history, monument, our roots in order to search for a meaning of our contemporary life. The workshop offers a path of knowledge focused on these themes and will investigate the Genoese urban spaces and their inhabitants through the personal ex periences of the participants.

  • Who is it for?: Artists from the network of the CreArt project cities
  • Timetable: 17-21.03.2014 from 9am-6pm
  • Institution / Organization: Municipality of Genoa
  • Address: Villa Croce - Museum of Contemporary Art - via J.Ruffini 3
  • City: Genoa
  • Country: Italy
  • Email: creart@comune.genova.it
  • Is it necessary to book?: Yes
  • Document: f18b1a_luca_vitone.jpg

More info at: http://www.genovacreativa.it/concorsi/open-call-workshop-con-l%E2%80%99artista-luca-vitone-%E2%80%9Cla-memoria-tasca%E2%80%9D

Intrecci Urbani – Yarn Bombing in Genoa

In the main square of the city of Genoa in Piazza De Ferrari there will be organized "PREVIEW INTRECCI URBAN". Anyone can join and become a participant of the project. We will gather in the central square to knit together and create the artworks from the wool.

  • Who is it for?: Everybody
  • Timetable: Start at 16:00
  • Institution / Organization: Municipality of Genoa - Culture Policy Office
  • Address: Piazza de Ferrari
  • City: Genoa
  • Country: Italy
  • Email: intrecciurbani@comune.genova.it
  • Telephone: 010 5573973 - 010 5574836
  • Is it necessary to book?: No
  • Document: 01f1c1_image.jpg

More information at: http://www.genovacreativa.it/node/4622