“I don’t search, I find”


“There is no new art. There are new artists. The new artist must be completely faithful to him or herself, must be a creator, must be capable of building his or her own foundations directly and alone, without depending on the past or tradition… the formula is his or her antithisis”

Egon Schiele

“Without art life would be a mistake”
Friederich Nietzsche

“I close my eyes in order to see”

Paul Gauguin

“The work of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”

Francis Bacon

“What proceeds from an internal necessity of the soul is beautiful”

Wassily Kandinsky


Creative Beach Club!

As qualified, insured and licensed Beach School Practitioners, we will bring art to the shores with a momentary exhibition on the sand. The session will end with our usual and 'famous' campfire & marshmallows.

  • Who is it for?: Everybody and anybody!
  • Institution / Organization: ebb & flow projects cic
  • Address: 20 sandon street, Waterloo, Liverpool, merseyside
  • City: Liverpool
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Email: ebbandflowprojects@icloud.com
  • Telephone: 07980981996
  • Entry: £5
  • Is it necessary to book?: Yes