“I don’t search, I find”


“There is no new art. There are new artists. The new artist must be completely faithful to him or herself, must be a creator, must be capable of building his or her own foundations directly and alone, without depending on the past or tradition… the formula is his or her antithisis”

Egon Schiele

“Without art life would be a mistake”
Friederich Nietzsche

“I close my eyes in order to see”

Paul Gauguin

“The work of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”

Francis Bacon

“What proceeds from an internal necessity of the soul is beautiful”

Wassily Kandinsky

Received Ideas

Below you will find a list of different activities that can be carried out during the “European Day of Artistic Creativity” in the cities taking part in the CreArt Network. Each city/institution will have the opportunity to choose which one/s suit best to its context and can be adapted to specific requirements, according to the nature of the organization; museums, theatres, conservatories, art colleges, squares, streets, educational centres, exhibition spaces, etc. The present activities are only open proposals and they can be used as a springboard to create new kinds of activities.
The order of the following proposal of activities has nothing to do with the relevance of the recommendation:


The proposal of “Talent competitions” in high schools.


To suggest to educational centres to create posters with famous sentences related to creativity, innovation and art, such as: “if you want different results, do things differently” (Albert Einstein). These posters can be exhibited in strategic places around the city.


The Projection of pieces of video art or short films on the facade of institutional buildings as well as cafés, bars, markets…


The proposal of a guided tour of a museum (ethnographic, archaeological….) in which the visitor can touch the exhibits and/or ask questions to the curators who can explain some of the artwork.


To offer food and wine tastings, stressing the creative and innovative aspects of gastronomy. This can be completed with some kind of creative recipe contest.


The proposal of a night activity to be carried out in a museum for groups of children. They explore, investigate, or solve a mystery and the creativity of their answers is evaluated.


Activities to develop a mystery to solve; “ghost in the museum”, “stolen painting”. They can be organised as a “role-playing game” in real time.


Craft workshops for the elaboration of creative artefacts in groups or individually.


The exhibition of alternative, surprising, unusual creative skills. This can be developed as a contest or simply a sampler.


The creation of robots from Lego, Mecano pieces or similar with the possibility of including a motor. The objective is to show how creativity is also present in this kind of mechanism. It can be focused as a contest or simply as a family participation activity.